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Many Benefits of Swimming When Pregnant, These Tips for Staying Safe

When pregnant, it does not mean you have to stop all physical activities such as sports. Just choose a sport that has many benefits and is safe for pregnant women, such as swimming. But, before swimming, pay attention to safe tips. Swimming is relatively safe for pregnant women, provided they have a healthy pregnancy. Swimming has a low risk of injury, because generally only requires light movements and can not make pregnant women fall. Benefits of Swimming for Pregnant Women During early pregnancy, maintaining health and fitness must always be done so that the body remains fit, both for the mother and for the fetus in the womb. Specifically, the benefits of swimming during pregnancy include: Improve circulation / blood circulation Improve heart and lung function Increase stamina and muscle strength Reducing fluid retention or buildup in body tissues which often causes pregnant women's feet to swell Burn excess calories Helps sleep better Overcome fatigue Relieves ac
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Is It Safe To Take Care Of Your Cat When Pregnant

For cat lovers, they may experience worries when they are pregnant. This is related because many consider keeping cats dangerous when pregnant. Cats are the main source of the spread of the parasite Toxoplasma gondii (T. gondii), which is an organism that can cause toxoplasmosis. Beware of Contact with Cat Feces This can happen when a cat eats its prey infected with T. gondii. Organisms that attack cells in the cat's intestine will form oocyst cells, which are early forms of parasitic life that are not yet mature and are still wrapped in a thick-walled sheath. Cats will dispose of these cells through feces, then stored in the ground or a place to dispose of feces, like a sandbox or cage. It's actually not a problem to be around cats, even to keep cats while pregnant. But, you have to be careful when cleaning the cage. Cat feces, including soil or sand where to dispose of feces, can cause toxoplasmosis. Also make sure the cat's body is diligently cleaned. Toxoplasmos

Getting to know joint pain medicine that does not make you sore

Joint pain medications do not have to cause painful sensations. Some people often use balms, gels, or joint pain-relieving creams that contain capsaicin to relieve joint pain. In fact, creams or gels containing diclofenac sodium are actually more appropriate to be used to treat joint pain without giving a painful sensation. Joints are the media connecting between bones. The joints in your body provide support and help you to move. Damage to the joints caused by illness or injury, apparently can disrupt your movements and also cause pain. Causes of Joint Pain Some conditions that can cause joint pain, namely: osteoarthritis, injuries such as broken bones, sprains, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, to viral infections. Excessive activities such as standing for too long, jumping, and lifting weights can also cause joint pain. Treatment of Joint Pain Treatment of joint pain is adjusted for the underlying cause. For home remedies cold compresses, rest, and medication can be used to

No Need to Panic, Recognize the Causes of Bloody Mucus and How to Overcome It

Bloody snot is usually also called nosebleeds by the public. Although it looks scary, but nosebleeds are common and rarely are caused by serious conditions. Nosebleeds actually do not need to worry too much, except it often happens, caused by injury or occur after an accident. If this happens, immediately see a doctor so that it can be examined so that the immediate get the diagnosis and the right treatment. Various Possible Causes The cause of runny nose or mucus that contains blood that is red or brown, often occurs because the nose is too dry and irritation due to rubbing, scraping or excessive mucus. Most of the blood comes from nostrils that have many brittle blood vessels and are easily injured. Other common causes include the presence of objects stuck in the nose, cold air, irritation from chemicals, allergic reactions, repeated sneezing, nose injuries, and upper respiratory tract infections. Bloody nose can also be caused by high blood pressure, blood clotting disorders,

Know the Right Information about Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Vaccine

Dengue fever vaccine (DHF) can now be obtained in Indonesia, after it was introduced several years ago. Although still in the final stages of clinical trials, the use of DHF vaccine is highly recommended to reduce the number of DHF cases in Indonesia. At present the DHF vaccine has received approval from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM), as of December 2016. Considered Effective and Safe Dengue fever is one of the deadliest diseases for countries with tropical and subtropical climates, including Indonesia. DHF cases occur in all provinces and have increased every year. Data from the Indonesian Ministry of Health noted that in 2015, there were more than 120 thousand dengue cases. DHF vaccine actually just entered phase III of the four phases of clinical trials. However, the effectiveness and safety of this vaccine are considered sufficient. This vaccine can reduce the risk of hospitalization and the risk of severe DHF, and there is no evidence of dangerous side effects